Seeking the Kingdom of GOD

This cannot be all there is to Life

The first 34 years of my life was without a god of any sort.   I had no idea that there even was a god, why was it that I went so long with no concern to ask for help?

Here I am once again waking up on the cold hard concrete floor of my county jail, with one eye open I see where I had written my name on the wall.

I closed my eyes hard and opened the other eye, to see a pamphlet that said seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.  I lived by sight all these years but never seen these words before now.                                                                          I was released from jail, O R out, I was free so I thought, but I could not escape the words I read with the other eye open.  I just realized that I was living in two different dimensions, those words were in in my head playing in a nonstop loop. Nothing was working to at least pause this grasp I was in. What was I to do?                  Sleep was my only relief, but eventually, everyone has to wake up right.   It was time for me to put this God and his kingdom to the test, what do I know about god, absolutely nothing.  So I start walking in no particular direction, without money, food or a change of clothes. My reasoning was that if there were this god and kingdom he would provide all that I need, sure enough, a ride was provided, I was 250 miles north of where I started walking, dropped off at front door of shelter just in time to be served a hot meal, worship service hot shower change of clothes and a bed to rest, as I laid there  I noticed the loop had stopped finally, I was thankful.   to be continued.

Continued on 02/16/2018  1:11 am central time.

In the morning only a quick thought of, seek ye first the Kingdom of God.  I was once again walking in a direction without a map, of where I should be heading, only the prompt of intuition.

As I walked I began to realize, that I was being cared for with provisions, and clothing, but I was also holding onto luck and coincidence, not yet sure of this being part of God’s existence.                                I am now heading south toward the Gulf. I stood on the on-ramp and my ride showed up. A salesman that took me to Interstate 10, we talked about jobs, but God never entered the conversations as we traveled.  We departed at Lake Charles, that was an eight-hour ride that ended at another shelter, he thanked me for the company and drove away.

At the shelter, I showered. changed in to clean clothes, ate some food and church that had a hellfire and brimstone depiction. Before lights out, I wondered what kind of God would include hellfire and brimstone in His Kingdom?

At breakfast, a person sat across from me and began a conversation, you know questions like where are you from and which direction are you headed.  I was hesitant in telling him that I was seeking King Dome of GOD.   By the look on his face, he was not sure if I was joking or not, with a sober expression he introduced himself and told me he was headed east.

Just be for he left the table he handed me a paper, I stashed it in my shirt pocket without looking.